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Jennifer Baron est arrivée dans ma vie, ou plutôt mes oreilles, via gmail. Il y a dix ans, elle aurait plutôt surgi depuis un bac de disques ou les pages d’un magazine. Désormais, les choses ont tellement changé que l’on parle d’abord aux musiciens, on leur écrit avant même de les écouter. Jennifer m’a envoyé des mails, des liens, des morceaux et, à ma demande, une mixtape dont la composition est plus qu’alléchante, notamment pour les ex-fans des sixties. Elle m’a aussi parlé d’un groupe dont un morceau donne le titre de son mix – on en reparlera ici. En attendant, écoutez sa première cassette sortie sur le chouette label Night People et perdez-vous dans son mix, disponible en deux versions : la première est d’un tenant, tandis que l’autre sépare les morceaux.

1. Kaleidoscope – Dive Into Yesterday
2. Electric Flag – Peter’s Trip
3. Nick Garrie – The Nightmare of J.B. Stanislas
4. Harumi – What a Day for Me
5. Fugu – The Best of Us
6. The Beach Boys – Little Bird
7. David Hess – Wait for the Rain
8. Terry Melcher – Just a Season
9. Tim Buckley – I Cant’ See You
10. Mayo Thompson – Horses
11. Syd Barrett – No Good Trying
12. Tyrannosaurus Rex – Chariots of Silk
13. Game Theory – She’ll Be a Verb
14. Orange Juice – Rip It Up
15. The Go-Betweens – Right Here
16. Pastels – Comin’ Through
17. The Who – Dogs
18. Broadcast and the Focus Group – The Be Colony
19. Michael Bundt – Neon (excerpt)

Version 1 –
Version 2 –

Jennifer Baron, alias The Garment District, m’a envoyé ce texte à propos de la première, belle, video de son groupe, tout en visages :

« Regarding my video for Nature-Nurture and the photographs I take: I have been obsessively photographing the local 11 PM TV news here in Pittsburgh for more than one year now,
and posting images as I take them to my Tumblr here:

I use a digital camera and also my iPhone camera, so that I can respond the the imagery in a rapid-fire way. To me, the process seems to mimic photocopying or collage art, because the digital
photographs I take of the TV medium — which also serves as a filter of events, people & places — are acts of image degeneration, decay and deconstruction and and re-present the original source
images within a new context that is stripped of the factual and circumstantial aspects of the news media lens.

I also like the elements of surprise and spontaneity, and the accidental nature of the process, and the fact that I am partially giving up of control when I take images in this very specific way. The object I am shooting is constantly in flux and in motion, and I am not ever 100% sure what the result will be. After collecting more than 1,000 photos on my blog, I was interested to see if the images could translate to the medium of a video,
and to see how they could further be altered in conjunction with my music, and with movement and editing by filmmaker Keith Tassick. To me, the dense layering process is yet another element of disintegration of the images, as they become stripped of any reference points, while at the same time, the process also creates an entirely new work of art.

I feel that the video asks the viewer to focus and concentrate — even though it is quite abstract and repetitive — and that there are highly intricate subtleties to the meticulously layered imagery. You may see something new every time you watch the video, or you may feel as if you are being lulled into a semi-trance state. There is almost a tension between trying to connect the dots of the images, like attempting to re-piece together parts of a story from the news segments, and the attraction of the formal elements of color, shape, texture, and repetition.

Here is additional information about the technical process:

« Nature-Nurture » is the fifth track from Melody Elder (Night-People Records, 2011), the debut solo release by Pittsburgh-based The Garment District, the new musical project of multi-instrumentalist Jennifer Baron, who was a founding member of Brooklyn’s The Ladybug Transistor (Merge Records). “Nature-Nurture” was recorded in 2011 by Kevin C. Smith in his Pittsburgh studio. Making an appearance on « Nature-Nurture” is Jennifer’s cousin, Lucy Blehar, on vocals. For the making of the video, Jennifer collaborated with Pittsburgh-based filmmaker, Keith Tassick (, whose work has been shown nationally, most recently in Chicago’s Onion City Experimental Film and Video Festival. Tassick created the video from some 700 still photographs of television images taken by Jennifer. A custom application was written to create random sequences of the images, which were then selected, layered and looped to match the pulses of the music. For the past year, Jennifer has been obsessively photographing the nightly television news in order to interpret and recontextualize the media’s treatment of local Western Pennsylvania occurrences, people and places during the early 21st century. A seemingly mundane act, her images are filtered through her desire to examine the intersection of the ephemeral and the sensational, the authentic and the artificial, and the sublime and the ghastly ( »

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