Une mixtape de Blanche Blanche Blanche

Blanche Blanche Blanche vient de sortir un album chez La Station Radar. Et a fait une mixtape pour Obsession qui se télécharge par ici. Et si vous voulez en savoir plus sur ce groupe, lisez l’interview ci-dessous, faites par mail…

1. When did your band start and what made you want to start it ?
the band was already started, we just had to join!
2. What are the foundations of your Sound ? (instruments, influences, etc.)
we take our friends’ music as counterexample. shout out to Chris Weisman, Ruth Garbus, Big French, Happy Jawbone, and the many masters of Brattleboro, VT.
3. You have released tapes and vinyls : what is the attraction of those formats ?
we want to do CDs but people love vinyl and it sticks around for a while.
4. How does a new band like yours exist and survive in a digitlized music world ?
by creating radical red content in an ocean of blue.
5. Some of your tracks remind me of some Throbbing Gristle tracks which had an ironic take on pop songs and pop culture. Is irony a necessity for you ?
the failure of irony to address anything but itself is something we seek to avoid in every instance.
6. Are you more into analog instruments than digital ?
we’ll take whatever we can get our hands on!
7. How did you get à record release on a French label ?
Fleur & Jerome approached us and gave us an offer we couldn’t refuse.
8. If all your hard drives were to crash and you only had one tape of music left : what would you want to be on it ?
our masters!
9. How would you like the Sound of your band to evolve ?
expectations are the enemy of music, but I know we will continue to hone our counterpropaganda. we always want more resources, more studio time, more freedom to focus on writing and recording, and more distribution, so we can continue to politicize music and life in a public format.
10. What would you say is your biggest obsession ?
we love to work and will never stop. get on board whenever you’re ready!

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