2011 par Tropic of Cancer


Le groupe que j’ai adoré découvrir cette année s’appelle Tropic of Cancer, vient de LA, fait une musique qui en englobe et dépasse tant d’autres qui résident chez moi. Camella Lobo (photographiée ici par le grand Renaud Monfourny) est l’âme de ce groupe, qui a eu la gentillesse de m’envoyer une liste de son année musicale. Je lui laisse la parole, et le texte :

« These are the sounds that have kept me inspired and sane through this year. If you were to concur anything from the mood of this sampling, it’s that 2011 has been a year of both ecstasy and misery. The selections below are some of the moments that saw me through those two emotions, and all the ones that came in between. »

Top 5 Records of 2011 (In no particular order)

HTRK > Work (work, work)

Grouper > A I A: Alien Observer

Grouper > A I A: Dream Loss

Young Hunting > The Night of the Burning

Ela Orleans / Alex Zhang Hungtai (Dirty Beaches) > Double Feature Split LP

Top 10 Tracks of 2011 (In no particular order)

Pink Playground > ‘Never Was’

Leyland Kirby > ‘This is the story of paradise lost’

Holy Strays > ‘Phrenesia’

The KVB > ‘Into The Night’

Von Haze >‘Carved Head’ (Demo)

Belong > ‘Perfect Life’

Circle Pit > ‘Slave’

Plastic Flowers >‘Strange Neighbors’

Widowspeak > ‘Harsh Realm’

Holy Other > ‘Know Where’

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